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This blog is where you will be able to gain insight into the marketing world. We team up with other female entrepreneurs to show you how you can grow a wildly successful business. We are so excited that you are here to join us!

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Hi, I'm Sapna

I am so grateful that we have another lovely female entrepreneur collaborating with us this week. We have partnered with Sama this week, who tells us about her business and how she can help you!

Hello! My name is Sama, and I started a digital marketing agency, Portkey SEO Solutions, a little over 4 years ago. We specialise in custom web development and search engine optimisation (SEO). I have a technical background, but have always been a creative at heart, so diving into the world of SEO and Web Development has helped me merge the two together. I absolutely LOVE what I do and love the team of strong and motivated women I have built over the last four years. We work with small businesses to help increase their visibility on Google search results by using effective SEO strategies that will benefit their business. Who doesn’t want to show up on the top of search results these days? Who even has the time to go to the second or third page for what they need? Not many people! But, more than anything, I absolutely LOVE supporting other women owned businesses! Not only as clients, but as fellow entrepreneurs.

As an Immigrant American Muslim with Pakistani roots and being a woman of color in the US, I want to set an example for other women who look like me. I want them to see that they can fulfill their dreams if they persevere and have the right support system. I am here to support YOU and help YOU in your journey as an entrepreneur as well. Feel free to reach out to me with questions or advice – I am happy to be a resource. Thank you Sapna/Female Boss Collective, for giving me this platform to have my voice heard <3 

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