Creating a Marketing business – With Laura Oliveira

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This blog is where you will be able to gain insight into the marketing world. We team up with other female entrepreneurs to show you how you can grow a wildly successful business. We are so excited that you are here to join us!

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Hi, I'm Sapna

I am so excited to be sharing another business story for you, and this week we have the lovely Laura. I actually shared Laura’s Instagram profile, as I just loved everything about it and asked her if she would feature on my website. Laura told me that she had just started her business, but with her well-thought out branding you would not even know. Here is Laura’s story…

Hello, I’m Laura! 

I’m your average girl living in New Zealand. I just finished up my marketing degree, and am still figuring out what the heck I’m doing with my life. This all led me to founding Amiga. 

I guess my story dates back to high school; I had no idea what I wanted to do when I ‘grew up’. I was so ready for a new chapter but had no clue what it entailed. Coming from an immigrant family, it was almost expected that I go to university. This was something I wanted to do, yet had no idea which course to take. This is why I chose business; it seemed broad, logical and secure. Not the most exciting adjectives I know, but man, am I glad I did. That’s how I found marketing. As soon as I took ‘Intro to Marketing 101’, I knew I had found a passion of mine. Social media marketing is what I fell in love with specifically, as it allows me the ability to connect with individuals all over the world, utilise both the creative and analytic halves of my brain and the capability to work in a crucial and growing industry. 

Although I had discovered this passion of mine, I still had one problem. I had ants in my pants, and my desire to travel was one of my biggest motivators. While studying, I took every break as an opportunity to go on a holiday. I worked part-time as a social media manager for a tech start-up and put every penny towards my travel goals. As the end of my studies approached, the looming feeling of being sucked into the corporate world washed over me. This was something I knew I didn’t want. Suddenly, the opportunity to work as a flight attendant fell into my lap and I couldn’t resist. I went for it and had the most amazing six months of my life, making lifelong friends and travelling to a new city every week. I was living my best life until COVID-19 hit. 

Although my job was gone, I still had my degree, my marketing skills and a never-ending desire to travel. I had to find a way to incorporate all of my passions into one role. That’s how Amiga was born. Being a social media strategist allows me the opportunity to work in the field I love most, the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, and a platform to connect with people everywhere. 

As the founder of Amiga, I want to help entrepreneurs and business owners get back to what they love, do what they do best and outsource the rest. The opportunity to utilise what I love to do while helping others is what I love most about my role. Let me help you experience the love and excitement I have for my job in your business. 


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