How I conditioned myself for success

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Hi, I'm Sapna

Success is a word or concept that can mean so many different things to people but for me, it meant and still means achieving my business goals. I really wanted to appeal to my target market and start gaining some interest and this is exactly what I did. It was not an easy process and I worked extremely hard but I got there, and I succeeded! So how did I condition myself for success?

  1. Positive Self Talk – I am sure that you have heard this many times, but a positive mindset = successful results. I actually listen to the Law of Attraction audios on YouTube in the morning as I get ready for my day and I feel so much more motivated when I do listen to them. A year ago I had an idea but had no motivation to actually achieve it and make the idea a reality, but through constant positive self-talk and telling myself that I could do it, I have finally got to where I am today and you can too!
  2. Not Giving Up – Success does not happen overnight and you have to be in it for the long-haul. Starting your own business is so hard and time-consuming. As well as this, you will come across obstacles – This is inevitable. Success is created through not giving up and finding solutions to these obstacles instead of becoming demotivated.
  3. Goals – Set yourself some goals and outline a detailed plan on how you will achieve them. Goals give you a sense of direction and something to aim towards, and the achievement of these goals will facilitate success. Goal setting is a vital part of conditioning myself for success. I need a sense of direction and so I set goals for everything. However, you must remember that these goals need to be flexible and so many things will change across your business journey. Allowing yourself to remain flexible to changes will open up new pathways to goal achievement and will encourage success.
  4. Organisation – In addition to setting goals, organisation is key to ensuring that you are taking the right steps to achieve your goals. I love being organised and writing lists is a massive part of my daily routine. I have a weekly and monthly planner and I outline my short and long-term goals on a monthly basis. This really helps me to ensure that I achieve everything I have set out to achieve for that month.

I used these above methods to condition myself for success and I will continue to incorporate them into my daily routine. How do you condition yourself for success?

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Success is a word or concept that can mean so many different things to people but for me, it meant and still means achieving my business goals...




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