5 ways you can make money from home

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Lockdown has been hard on everyone, especially if you have lost your job or have been furloughed. Whilst some of us are going back to work again, those who have lost their income may be looking to find ways to make money online. Maybe starting a business is something that you have always wanted to try, but it was never the right time! Making money from home can be so easy and you can do exactly that, with these 5 start-ups.

Online courses

If you have a certain area of expertise or you are really good at something, why not create an online course and publish it in places like Teachable or Udemy. I am a qualified teacher, and this is something I do every single day and so I thought to use my skills and develop courses for female entrepreneurs. Find out what your good at and what you can create a course for, plan it and create it! Get yourself onto social media and curate a following, whilst you are creating your course. This is a sure fire way of creating consistent income!


Many bloggers will tell you that you cannot create money from blogging instantly, and success takes time. Whilst this is somewhat true, and it would take a while for you to create a substantial amount of income from blogging, you can still make a start now. To self-host your own blog and purchase a domain will cost you no more than £20 initially and then around £5 a month for the blog hosting. Focus on creating quality content, that will somehow help your readers. Perfect your SEO and get your site rankings up and join some blogging groups so you can network with other bloggers and create professional relationships. It is these relationships that will lead you to sponsored posts and revenue for ads.

Create an e-book

This is similar to creating your own course, but in the form of an e-book. Again, if there is a topic you know lots about/you are passionate about then package it into an e-book and write about it. This is an even easier way of creating money online. If you are happy with creating content for your e-book, but struggle with the design aspect and layout (like me), use sites like Creative Market or Etsy to invest in an e-book template. This will really help your product to look professional and maximise success.

Freelance services

There are lots of sites out there like Fiverr, where you can outline any professional services that you can offer. The most popular services seem to be based around business, social media, graphic design and photography, but it is definitely worth seeing what services you can advertise and start making money! If you have a social media following or you are on Facebook, why not outline your services through these platforms too. Ask your friends to share, and it is very likely that someone needing the exact service you are offering will see it!


Much like blogging, overnight success can be difficult but not impossible. I remember watching a van life video by Jennelle Eliana which had a couple of hundred views when I watched it. I stumbled across the video around 2 weeks later and it had hit over 1 million views. Think of something you are passionate about and would like to get across to the rest of the world, use your phone to create a video and upload it! Being a teacher, I am trying to limit the amount that I put myself out to the world, but YouTube is something I would love to try.

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