Why you should be focusing on one social media platform when starting a business

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When starting out as an entrepreneur, growing and making yourself visible can be difficult, especially when you are doing it on your own. You might even think that you need to make yourself visible on every single social media platform, when in reality, this is slowing down your growth.

Make yourself visible

It does make sense to make yourself visible on every single social media platform, hoping that you will be seen by lots of different people and you will essentially be able to grow your audience. However, as most of us that have followed this strategy know, narrowing down your time and effort to one social media platform means that we can learn everything about it and manage it to create success and generate results.

Develop your visibility

This is when I chose to develop my visibility on Facebook. If you have a coaching business or you create courses, Facebook is fantastic for engaging in groups and sharing what you sell! I have created a Facebook page with over 200 like-minded female entrepreneurs and this is where I get most of my engagement from. I do have an Instagram account, but use this to post motivational quotes and display my website, mostly to drive traffic.

Attracting your target market

Now that I have narrowed down my social media attention, my audience is more specific and I can target ads to promote my products and content and gain an increase in traffic and sales. Facebook ads is perfect for leveraging my audience and I can specify ads to attract my target market, gaining in-depth statistical results.

Subsequently, we can only give 100% and if we are spreading this across all of the social media platforms, we are only giving a percentage of focus to each platform, not achieving 100% and therefore the results will not be as specific and dynamic as expected.

Long-term engagement

You may get yourself into this routine where you believe that you are on track to creating your successful business and that you are achieving results, yet the results do not reflect the amount of work and effort you have put into creating visibility. Focusing on one social media platform will ensure that you gain long-term engagement and specific results.

If you look into successful entrepreneurs and see how they started out, it will be clear that they started off giving 100% to one social media platform with a simplistic strategy that works than trying to stay afloat on all platforms. Once you have achieved your growth goals and have mastered one platform, it will be easier to move onto the next thing.

I would love to know if you are struggling to create content for all social media platforms and whether you have a strategy, or whether you are focusing your efforts on one social media platform?

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